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    This blog is maintained by Richard Gagnon, the Brattleboro Food Co-op wine and beer go-to-guy since 1992. Although I am an assiduous fact-checker, the info here-in is, occasionally, the product of my fertile, bargain-fevered imagination; and all errors, typos, and exaggeratos are mine. They do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, and received wisdom of other Co-op staff, or our Board of Directors. Like my mom always said, if you want the facts, just the facts, watch “Dragnet.”
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November 11, 2006


Richard Gagnon

Thanks for the kudos. We welcome you posting your recipe / wine pairing suggestions here also. Don't miss the tasting on Saturday.


I love the inclusion of recipes in the wine blog. I'm eager to try them out paired with the wine recommendations. I would definitely enjoy more recipes along with such recommendations. All around fabulous new blog.

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